ISO 9001:2015 > A lessons learned game changer for the application of the #Syllk model

Up until now knowledge management and lessons learned have typically been highlighted in project management bodies of knowledge (PMBoK, APM Knowledge, PRINCE2, ISO21500 etc).

Very soon (~end of 2015) we will see the release of ISO 9001:2015 ‘the world’s leading quality management standard‘. There is a new clause on organizational knowledge as a new requirement:

7.1.6 Organizational Knowledge Requirements:

• Determine the knowledge necessary for the operation of processes and to achieve conformity of products and services.
• Maintain this knowledge and make it available to the extent necessary.
• Consider current knowledge and determine how to acquire or access the necessary additional knowledge (when addressing changing needs and trends).
• NOTE 1: Organizational knowledge can include information such as intellectual property and lessons learned.
• NOTE 2: To obtain the knowledge required, consider: a) Internal Sources (e.g., learning from failures and successful projects, capturing undocumented knowledge and experience of topical experts within the organization); b) External Sources (e.g., standards, academia, conferences, gathering knowledge with customers or providers).

“Knowledge” is defined in the terms section as the available collection of information being a justified belief and having a high certainty to be true.

When addressing changing needs and trends, the organization shall consider its current knowledge and determine how to acquire or access the necessary additional knowledge…Understanding, Knowledge,and Awareness of ISO 9001:2015 Dr Nigel H Croft Chair, ISO/TC176/SC2 (Quality Systems). …remember Deming – “There is no substitute for profound knowledge of the business”

A new opportunity for organizations to be wired for knowledge using the #Syllk model.


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