KMAus presentation feedback

Thanks for the KMAus feedback

• Took a bit of ideas away from this
• Stephen presented engaging material and was very amiable.
• Swiss cheese model was good – would also be good for a workshop
• Good luck with your PhD. It’s nice to see someone cracking open the lessons learned myth.
• Hadn’t heard of Syllk model – so great to learn of it
• Loved the content. Well thought through and made me want to research more about Syllk
• No doubt that Stephen is really intelligent – would have been good to see the theoretical link to practical
• Need to read more about his concept – very interesting
• Will follow up with presentation provided – interested in content, presentation slides were a bit small to read due to small fonts
• It was difficult to hear him at times but was very interesting
• Great passion for topic – would have liked more practical examples
• Great references and clearly a huge amount of subject matter expertise. I would be interested in more information of the KM practices
• Great information!
• Learned a lot about a different evoking LL framework

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