Submission of PhD thesis and thankyou’s…

Hi all, If you have been wondering why the blog has been so quite, the following update will help…

I am about to submit my final PhD thesis for examination next week (16 November 2016). It has been an interesting and challenging last six years. I started part-time, converted to full-time, had 6 months of (due to illness) and finally will submit.

Last September (2015) I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Lucky for me 95% of the work had been done, just had to get the last 5% completed. It has been a challenge to do this over the last 12 months, but we are finally there. Going back to being a one arm typist (right hand) has had its moments…also my brain and body starts going into mush mode after ~20 mins etc so it has really been hard to complete the final thesis (what should have taken a week, has taken ~12 months).

I must thank the following folk:

My deepest and most genuine gratitude are owed to Associate Professor Jon Whitty my Principal Supervisor for his limitless guidance, support, encouragement and insight throughout the duration of my studies. Words just cannot truly express the extent of my appreciation with the level of commitment shown by Jon supporting both my masters and doctoral research activities over the last seven years. It has been a privilege to have been mentored by such a dedicated academic and to know such a trustworthy and light humoured person. Thanks to Jon, I have gained a good deal of knowledge from this academia experience.

I would also like to express my gratitude to Associate Professor Barrie Todhunter for accepting the role as my Associate Supervisor and providing support during the critical early days of the doctoral journey.

A special heartfelt thank you to my friend Dr Robyn Young who sadly passed away in February 2015. I first met Robyn when she was my emotional intelligence life coach in 2008. Robyn changed my life; we became good friends and someone I could talk to about anything. We spent many hours on Skype, on the phone and coffee chats at her favourite shops. I will miss those special moments we had laughing about research, study, work, life stress and the people in our lives, so many special moments. I recall the early trials of uBalancer (a life balance tool). I still have Youngs Priority Management System action chart on my office wall as it helps me to remain focused on my daily activities of family, work and doctoral research. Robyn was one of the major influences on my doctoral journey. I miss not being able to update her with my many challenges and taking on her advice. Rob was one very special amazing kind person, and it was good to see her in December 2014, another memory I will hold close to my heart.

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to the staff in the government departments and agencies who participated in the study. The honest and open feedback and participation in the action research reflection workshops added a great deal of value to the research and project activities.

Moreover, finally to my girlfriend and wife, Robyn, whose endless support enabled me to maximise the time I could devote to research activities. Your understanding, patience, and love provided the ideal platform to chase my aspirations.

I have been sharing my work with many interested parties. If you are interested, please get back to me, as I would like to see how the Syllk model can help you and your organisation. I will be slow and may struggle with my speech and movement, however I still want to find away to help the knowledge lessons learned community…

Until next time, Stephen (PwP)

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2 thoughts on “Submission of PhD thesis and thankyou’s…

  1. Congratulations Stephen, such an achievement and I can’t imagine how tough this last part of journey has been. I would love to see your work so please send through anything you can.

    All the best and enjoy some down time.

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