…the importance of lessons learned in the initiation phase (part 2)

Hi Everyone, as per the last post , I will be co-facilitating a Queensland PMI event on Wednesday 15th February 2012 on the topic of Initiating Projects. One of the streams will be discussing the importance of lessons learned in the initiation phase. Groups will pass through 4 presenters in a speed learning environment. The presentation is now available for those of you who are interested. http://www.slideshare.net/stephenduffield1/duffield-ll-qldpmi15feb2012final

Speed Learning on ‘PM Lessons Learned in the Initiation phase’
On Lessons Learned

…there are few signs that any lessons have been learnt – Victorian Ombudsman
…there is difficulty in capturing and implementing learnings – Victorian Ombudsman
…in practice lessons learned rarely happens and doesn’t work well
…a small % follow the process – Williams Why?
…we have a serious cultural problem – Wideman

• People / Culture

• Source is Lesson Learned Knowledge Base (?)
• …can influence…Project Charter, PMP, Scope, WBS, Time, Cost, Quality, Communications and Risk …missing HR

• Starting a Project: Previous lessons learned reports > Capture Previous lessons > Create Lessons Log (?)
• Starting a Project: Lessons Log can influence > Team, Business Case, Project Brief > Plan the initiation stage
• Initiating a Project: Lessons Log > Risk, Quality, Configuration, Communications, Project Controls, Project Plan

• Learning before…knowledge of what needs to be done…knowledge of how to do it
• Project knowledge management plan & knowledge needs register

• Knowledge Identification …Technical / Organisational / Human
• Knowledge Cluster Map (pm, customer and product)…Knowledge Map / Knowledge Acquisition (known and missing knowledge)

My experiences
In-effective lessons learned systems in place …not used…It is broken…How do you know you have learnt a lesson?
Risk Management outputs from previous projects …if you can find them
Previous projects Critical Success Factors …Networks (Greybeards story telling, active online groups – LinkedIn, Google Scholar / Journals etc …public available lessons learned databases ie NASA) …PM Best Practices ?

Your experiences & Questions

Should be a great night. Regards, Stephen

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