Lessons Learned Meetings – Dumb Idea? (from a Linkedin post)

Some great comments on this Linkedin post. From my perspective the key problem is we are okay at indentifying lessons learned and bad at disseminating lessons back into the organisation. The people factors, organisation and project culture is what will often get in the way. We should be starting a lessons learned log from project day 1 (based on previous projects) and maintain the log throughout the project. …Regards, Stephen

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2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned Meetings – Dumb Idea? (from a Linkedin post)

  1. Oh, but most projects DO maintain a ‘lessons learned’ log from day 1; it is called an Issues Log. At the end of a project a PM can look at the issues that arose during the project (and some will be positive) and how they were mitigated allowing them to identify process improvements that are required.
    Now, implementing process change is probably a whole other Blog.

    • Thanks for your feedback Chris. So should we call a Issues log a (Lessons log)? PRINCE2 does focus on having a Lessons Log, although I have never seen one used? Regards, Stephen

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