Lessons Learned (Knowledge Management) and Risk Management game set and match.

Over the last 18 months I have seen a powerful connection between Knowledge Management and Risk Management. Risk Management practitioners who use lessons learned as a source of information for risk identification are in a significant position within the organisation to effectively integrate knowledge management and risk management into the project life cycle. Risk Management practitioners are often facilitating risk workshops and share knowledge gained both vertically and horizontally across the organisation. Over the next few months I will continue with this discussion with the linkage to Risk Management.

A couple of papers and blogs have also recently caught my attention and a worth a read:

Neef (2005) ‘In many forward-looking corporations KM procedures, techniques and tools are being used to perform risk management. KRM, the integration of knowledge and risk management, is alive and well and, given the global importance of risk management, may provide KM with a much-needed and revitalizing boost.’

Neef, Dale 2005, ‘Managing corporate risk through better knowledge management’, Learning Organization, The, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 112-24.

Post by Mel Bost  How Does an Active Project Risk Management Plan Facilitate an “Actionable” Project Lessons Learned Framework?

Until next time, enjoy the read…

Regards, Stephen

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2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned (Knowledge Management) and Risk Management game set and match.

  1. Great post. I like the KM/RM interdependency and see them as a natural fit.
    In my project management capability, I use project and organizational risk registers/artifacts as one (of many) sources for discussion.
    In this manner, we can target the highest impact/profile risks and consider how they were managed, whether their mitigants were appropriate, whether they have been carried into the operational realm and as such been assigned business owners.

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