PM World Journal: Going Beyond Lessons Learned…

PM World Journal: Going Beyond Lessons Learned…  I like it.  David Pells is back as the Managing Editor for PM World Journal.  You can read the first Volume-Issue at

As you know I am passionate about lesson learned in the PM community so to have PM World back will only be a positive way forward to help us all share PM Knowledge.  I welcome the following comments from the first issue:

“ The new PMWJ also represents a new model for publishing P/PM articles and papers. Going beyond “lessons learned”, we want to aggressively promote publication as a way to capture lessons learned and good practices in P/PM and to share that knowledge with those who may need it most – students, young project managers, and those in project-based organizations, industries and emerging economies around the world. In many cases, those are the ones where better, faster and more efficient delivery of project results can positively impact thousands of human lives.

Knowledge sharing can take many forms, which is why we offer various categories of articles and papers in the new PMWJ – featured papers, advisory articles, commentaries, editorials, case studies, personal stories, news articles. Some new knowledge is based on serious research, or experience on actual programs and projects. New lessons learned or good practices grow from specific applications, the solving of specific problems or participating on successful teams.

Lessons Learned Reports are too often prepared for internal distribution, after which they disappear into company archives, files or book shelves. Where possible, please consider sharing those lessons learned, experiences and successful practices with others around the world. Few are likely to be direct competitors; many readers will be extremely grateful.”

I am encouraged and support the goals of PM World Journal:

  • to promote and support the creation of new program and project management (P/PM) knowledge;
  • to promote and support the sharing of that knowledge with individuals and organizations new to P/PM or where such knowledge is sorely needed;
  • to provide greater recognition and visibility for those who create new P/PM knowledge (authors);
  • to provide a robust, easily accessible library of global P/PM knowledge and information; and
  • to promote and support the use of modern P/PM for solving global problems.

I know I will be a regular visitor to this site and I plan to participate over my PhD research journey.

Cheers, Stephen


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