Truly reconceptualising project knowledge management

My PhD supervisor Dr Jon Whitty will be presenting ‘Truly reconceptualising project knowledge management’ at a UK APM Project Knowledge Management function on Tuesday 4th December 2012.

What better way to begin 2013 than with a new idea about how projects can enable organisations to learn, and how they can deliver projects better in the future.

Many organisations today are struggling with implementing the somewhat unclear concepts of ‘lessons learned’, ‘knowledge capture’ and ‘knowledge management’.  This presentation tackles the problems with these concepts head-on and proposes a new practical conceptual model of building organisational knowledge through projects. What is innovative is that this new model has its roots firmly grounded in naturally evolved networked systems.

The new conceptual model is practical and somewhat intuitive when properly understood. At the end of this session you will be able to immediately reconceptualise how your organisation truly learns through projects and could better adapt to its environment.

Dr Jon Whitty is a Senior Lecturer in Project Management at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. He leads and develops program and project management research and coordinates a Master of Project Management program. Jon is an expert in the application of evolutionary principles to project management matters. He also contributes to the discussion on complex project management and what project management can learn from philosophy.

He has been a member of editorial boards of project management journals, and regularly reviews research and scholarly articles. He frequently present papers at domestic and international project management conferences, and has written book chapters and published articles that present evolutionary and philosophical approaches to project management.
Many of his talks can be found on his YouTube channel

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