Do we learn from risks (part 2) ?

A follow up from an earlier post – Do we learn from risks?. A recent NASA ASK magazine article by Pedro Ribeiro Predictable Surprises: Bridging Risk-Perception Gaps describes how ‘many failed projects provide early warnings that they will run into trouble, but these signs are often ignored. They fly under the organization’s risk  radar, evading even sophisticated risk management processes. Organizations end up not recognizing early signs of failure until nothing can be done other than trying to manage a crisis.’

Pedro highlights that ‘postmortem analyses, inquiries, and audits of failed projects often uncover streams of unheeded warnings in the form of letters, memos, e-mails, and even complete reports about risks that were ignored, past lessons not learned, and actions not taken—a failure of leadership that creates the conditions for a “perfect storm” of problems that could and should have been prevented, but nevertheless catch leaders by surprise.’

The article is a good read if your interested in the good and bad news about project failure, risk-perception gaps and predictable project surprises.

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