What Project Management Means To Me #PMFlashblog Teaser

Something exciting and unique is happening on 25th September in the world of project management. On this day at least 70 people of which I am one will be publishing a blog post at the same time on the same topic. What does project management mean to me. Welcome to #PMFlashblog

This fantastic idea has been created by Shim Marom over at Quantmleap (a great blog that you really should subscribe to). You can read more about the #PMFlashblog here

Henny Portman who is also taking part in the #PMFlashblog has created a fantastic infographic the plots all those taking part on a world map. You can view the map hereSee here for a list of those taking part in the #PMFlashblog.

Looking forward to the 25th…. Stephen

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