Syllk replaces the SLLCK model

As you know this blog supports my PhD research on pm lessons learned aka knowledge management. My initial work focused on a SLLCK model (systemic lessons learned and captured model) published in a PMOZ 2012 project management conference.

The on-going research work has refined the model to a systemic lessons learned knowledge model or Syllk model (current paper in journal peer review). This model is derived from an analysis of how complex adaptive systems learn and from how the Swiss cheese model for safety and systemic failures is successfully implemented for learning by health care, nuclear power, rail, and aviation organizations. The revised model focuses on the capturing, disseminating and application of lessons learned. The model is developed to enable project organizations to learn from their past project experiences by capturing lesson learned from projects and distributing knowledge across an organizational network of elements such as people (individual learning, culture, social) and systems (technology, process and infrastructure). 

syllk modelSyllk model

Until next time….Stephen

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