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Accepted as a PhD Candidate with the University of Southern Queensland. The research journey will continue…

An advanced systemic lesson learned and captured knowledge model for project organisations.

Post update June 2012:
Completed the Masters and now planning the start of the PhD journey. Many thanks to my followers and folk who have actively participated in the research journey. The PM Lessons Learned (systemic lessons learned and captured knowledge (SLLCK)) model has changed a lot…all will be revealed in August at PMOz 2012.
Stay connected… Regards, Stephen

Post January 2012:
The PM Lessons Learned blog supports a Masters of Project Management research project. I am currently close to completing (June 2012) my Masters Project Management (research). I have a strong interest in PM Lessons Learned. Over the last 12 months I have enjoyed learning about the KM World.

The focus of this study will be to understand why the majority of projects do not disseminate lessons learned to organisations. Knowledge and project management literature suggests that the lessons learned process in practice rarely happens, does not work well and fails to deliver the intended results. The study will address the significant factors that impact the dissemination of project management lessons between the project team and the organisation. The literature review will focus on the areas of: knowledge; knowledge management; knowledge conversion; learning; organisational learning; lessons learned practices; and culture. So far, the literature review suggests there is limited research on how knowledge management, learning and culture impacts project management and project temporary organisations.

A review of the literature highlights project management literature gaps around people, learning, technology and process. The people factor is the most likely to negatively influence the dissemination of lessons learned in organisations. A conceptual lessons learned model has been derived and based on a swiss cheese model where the variables people, learning, technology and process need to align and be effective to disseminate lessons learned.

By undertaking this study it is expected that a better understanding of the significant project technology, learning, process and people factors will be established. This will assist in the dissemination of the Project Management lessons learned practice being improved. The findings will also contribute to the project management literature and provide an opportunity to improve project knowledge sharing ensuring projects achieve success.

Stephen can be contacted via Invicta Projects.


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